Why gamification is so attractive in business?

Why gamification is so attractive in business?

Today, gamification has become fashionable in the corporate world and especially in the marketing field. There are a lot of lectures, articles or even blogs specially dedicated to this particular trend. Even if it is a fun way to motivate your employees, gamification will answer different communication problems.


  • Internal communication 

Gamification is the emblem of internal communication. Indeed, in a playful way it obliges the participation of your employees, collaborators etc. The involvement of your team will make for a faster adaptation to new products and changes.

  • External communication

In addition to being beneficial in business, it is also very advantageous for the general public.

– a work of image: a game, a challenge, or even other ones of playful, it is accompanied by an original image. The ideal is to travel and experience.

– a work of visibility: thanks to their playful aspects, the games are often viral and make the buzz. So it’s a great way to increase visibility!

– a lever of animation: creating a community around its brand is very difficult and yet so important. Thanks to its participative aspect is by far, a very good method to animate your community.

So do not be afraid, and get involved in this gamification that seduces so much!