How to build good relationships at work?

How to build good relationships at work?

Why is it important to have good relationship at work? Humans are naturally social creatures. They desire to know the friendship and positive interaction, as well as they need food and water. It is logical more your relation is efficiency, more you will be happy and productive.

The basis of a good relationship:

Appreciate others as they are, compliment your colleague for their well-done work or an achieve service. Everyone like to be reward moreover if the work is excellent quality and the person is involved.

Practice positivity –

You will appreciate it even more. No one likes to work with someone who chews on black ideas and constantly bathes in negativity. On the contrary, your communicative positivity will strengthen your relations with your entourage.

Spend time for relationships –

Plan a day for your colleagues, talk about a coffee (without spending too much time), and say hello to a colleague. Others will appreciate these marks of attention.

Beware of all gossiping –

So widespread in offices but that gangrene relationships and can generate animosity among all the members of a group.

Practice active listening –

Be a good listener by paying attention to the message from your interlocutor. Avoid being distracted by what surrounds you, focusing on the message and trying to understand it. You will be more appreciated.