Happy employee portrait

Happy employee portrait

A happy employee, is the one which is not upset about going to work on the Monday morning. A happy employee is a productive and engaged employee.

Although happiness is not a measurable indicator, you own the power to make your employees, happy people.

Here are some tools to help you achieve your goals:

  • Satisfying gluttony:

Offer free food: fruit, tea, coffee … promise of a happy team!

Noted: Google’s team have 25 cafeteria where they can consume all they want and for free !

  • Long live the passion :

Offer a time of devotion to your teams passions and interests.

Noted: Google’s employees have 20% of their time to their professional projects.

  • Play :

The Game-time is also really important. Let your employees be disconnected, they have fun and are coming relaxed and full of positive energies.

  • A healthy life :

The endorphins generated through sport are also known for the hormones of happiness. And it is recognized: a sports employee is more productive.

Noted: At Twitter employees have access to a free gym and yoga classes.

  • Flexibility :

The more you let your employees organize their working time at their convenience, the happier they will be. This will reduce stress and allow them to better combine work and private life, towards total fulfillment!

  • Give Holiday:

Everyone needs to disconnect and relax.

  • Organize a holiday challenge:

Reward your team when the objectives are reached, and send them straight to a paradisiac beach! For they deserve it!