Does the great salesman always get big-headed?

Does the great salesman always get big-headed?

The hubris is defined by a pride that manifests itself in contemptuous insolence and haughty behavior.

Docility, for its part, is often appreciated by the manager who has the leadership, who finds it easier to run a troop of docile salesmen.

The real question is: Do you have to be humble, docile or hubris to improve its salesman career?

It is often said that to succeed professionally, one must know how to remain humble, to be proud of oneself, but not to shout at all rooftops. In addition, managers may worry and not know how to handle such personalities.

However, the competitive nature of the commercial makes him often arrogant. Of course, there are undoubtedly exceptions, but the best sellers are rarely introverted as to their success, the reality is that they are pretentious. Indeed, humility is not the first quality to look for in a commercial. And especially in times of crisis, where competition is intensified! They are proud of their success and say it out in the open to gently destabilize their opponents. This arrogance can also be a form of conviction for the salesman, the fact of believing in him, of appearing sure of him will make him stronger, it is a character trait very masculine. For example, if a boxer will challenge the title holder, does he show humility?

Salespeople should have confidence in themselves, they must be influential in dealing with their customers. To be influential, you must have the upper hand on the other person, which turns the influencer into someone charismatic.

To conclude, one must know how to dose one’s behavior, one’s words and not to be hated by its colleagues, exactly as in personal life. Nevertheless, those who make the difference are those who leave traces, which mark the spirits, which bypass the established rules, which change the codes. You should be able to show your difference, your potential to your clients and especially your employer.