Choose correctly your business gifts

Choose correctly your business gifts

We always heard about the benefits of implement incentive, challenge or stimulation operation in a company for the motivation of the teams. It is true, but the promise reward has to be up to the challenge and the salesforce needs.

  1. A good reward

Choose a motivated reward can be more difficult than it looks like.

First, the reward should be up to the challenge. You must propose the possibility for your community to achieve this reward. If the challenge is to complicate or looks like it is unfeasible, the reward will be less motivated. Moreover, a challenge with a lot of difficulty must offer a reward which will be according to its difficulty. If you give a basic reward, which do not have impact to a person who gives a lot of energy and good will into the challenge, it will be offended and completely demotivated.

Beyond choosing a reward according to the difficulty of the challenge, you must take in consideration the standard of living of your community. Indeed, you cannot offer a high salary and reward with a gift a low value. Your employees will not be affect by this gift. On the opposite, reward someone with a completely oversized value gift could be a lack of respect.

2. Made the good choice

Tastes and colors are different for everyone, that is why it is difficult to choose a gift which will be pleasant to someone we almost known.

It is therefore advisable to leave the choice. Also, to be more original, it is true certain gifts such as wine, chocolate or others are often gifts that are pleasant, but there are not so original. That is why, leave the choice is important and allow your community to keep a good impression in mind.

Due to our E-store, you can completely be customized your business gift and be sur you will please.