Business travel, a trip in San Fransisco

Business travel, a trip in San Fransisco

Amèle is taking part of the commercial team of Logic-Immo which has win the challenge reward animated by Roadoo Network: A trip in San Fransisco.

She tells us about this fabulous experience :

“The trip organization have been very well managed, as soon as we arrived in San Fransisco, transfers and transportation planed have taken care of us.

It was for myself, the first time in the United State and the discovery of this city have been from a surprise to another!

1st day: Bike rental and cross the famous Golden Gates Bridge with an arrival in Saussalito, best burger of my life!

The next days: discovery of the typical neighborhood: The gay neighborhood, The Victorian house neighborhood, working class Quarter & Street Art, China Town… It is incredible how the city universe could be totally different from a neighborhood to another.

The visit of Google campus was also really interesting, here is the entire team:


Finally, we can’t leave without a visit of the Livermore, the brand village in a sales period… Everyone could have fun!

With a city, such as San Fransisco we are amazed every time and it must to be done again without moderation!

Thanks to Roadoo Network for the organization of this amazing stay.”

Thank you Amèle for your feedback.