Business gifts can wholesale

Business gifts can wholesale

Look after your consumers and salesman relationship

For a company manager, to afford a gift to a BtoB consumer or a prospect have a lot of benefits. The first one is easy to guess: if the return on investment is difficult to quantify, this attention allow the consumer loyalty and a sustainability of the commercial relationship.

More the consumer is important, more it is advice to customized the gift and be original: Company manager have loved to work with understanding people.

The business gift dedicated to salesman allow an increase of their motivation et their goals.

It taxation

Another benefit, the business gift is a deductible charge on the annual result during the full fill of the taxation return. Take care of the abuse, the business gift should be professional and have an impact on your activity.

This means that the tax-free acquisition value can be considered in the company’s expenses, which are deducted from the taxable profit, provided, however, that the gift is made in the interest of the company. This is the case when the gift and its value are consistent with the importance and quality of the business relationship.

If the global amount is exceeds 3000 €, you can get back the VAT. WARNING ! only the gift less than 65 € taxes included (unit price).

To conclude, and concerning gifts of significant value, it is fundamental to be able to demonstrate that this is not a disguised commission, as this would immediately entail the reinstatement of the value of the gift to the company’s result