Take a break during holidays, a benefit for the Quality of Work Life

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Take a break during holidays, a benefit for the Quality of Work Life

Despite the ideas received, the holidays are for everyone. Age, occupation, time are not factors that should influence the taking of a break. Indeed, everyone needs a vacation !Even though we tend to want to push back the date of our holidays to the fullest, we are wrong. You should stop this behavior and learn to quit! You must know how to take a real holiday, relax completely and think of something else. Not being at work but keeping your head in the files or on your phone is not the right solution and when you return from your vacation you will always feel tired and under pressure. It is good for your health but also for your work. Indeed, it is proven that employees who take a vacation and rest fully are more productive.If for you the holidays are to stay by the pool under the sun, what you do not know is that they carry knowledge, or rather should we say experiences. The activities, countries, and cultures discovered during your travels allow you to assimilate new knowledge and develop the imagination.It is a system that is very developed in the United States and to Silicon Valley which appeared in a start-up in France a year ago already: employees can take vacations whenever they wish and as much as they want it, simply by arranging each other. If it is a concept that can scare business leaders, companies and employees have taken a liking and the study is clear, employees do not abuse it and their productivity is up sharply. Philippe Laval, the boss of the start-up explains: "People take between 5 to 8 weeks of vacation, which corresponds to a good agreement. The difference is flexibility. It is a kind of self-responsibility."To conclued, do not neglect your vacation, whether it be employees or business leaders they will be more than beneficial for your work on your return!Here are our last 5 tips to make the most of your vacation and come back more motivated and productive:1- Leave your work at the office2- Enjoy simple pleasures3- Facilitate your life4- Forget about your diet and all your habits5- Forget the screens (TV, computer, phone)

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