6 essential skills to manage a team

6 essential skills to manage a team

A team that works is a team that forms a unit and / or each member works to achieve common goals. However, this does not happen spontaneously. For a group of people to work well together, a leader is needed to coordinate and create that environment.


In team management, communication represents 90% of the time. It is essential that the leader is able to effectively convey his vision, ideas, goals, problems …

Communication is a broad subject that is difficult to address from a general perspective. To begin, you can improve your public communication skills. For example, customer presentations, meetings, etc. This will help you gain confidence and learn how to communicate ideas easily and clearly.


Leadership is the buzzword in the business world and especially in project management. However, it is a necessary skill for those who lead a team.

If you are able to manage, you will be able to achieve your goals. To develop your leadership skills, you can find an experienced mentor to guide you along the way, but also, there are a lot of resources on internet.

   Team management

In addition to working the strategic part, the team manager must also focus on the operational side.

A good manager must be able to coordinate people, promote teamwork, delegate tasks, solve problems, set goals and evaluate the performance of all. A manager must be able to inspire others to walk beside him.


This competence goes hand in hand with communication. Negotiating resources, budgets, schedules, agreements … and that all parties are satisfied is the key to team cohesion.


Have you ever heard that you can not give what you do not? If you are not able to organize your own work, how are you going to do with a team? Becoming methodical is paramount and will immediately improve your manager quality.

There are many methods that can be applied easily to improve your organization: lists, weekly organizers…

Find the right method for you, once defined, organize it.

    Risk management

Anticipating and anticipating problems will increase chances of project success. Experience, in this case, helps a lot. However, you also need to learn to be methodical and analyze all the steps.

The work of managing a team is demanding, it requires a wide range of skills that must be developed and learned to use day to day.

With these, you will have every chance to lead your team wherever you want!