5 creative ideas to motivate your teams

5 creative ideas to motivate your teams

The motivation of employees has become an important concern in the management of companies and organizations. Indeed, surveys have shown that motivation at work has an effect on the quality of work and on the efficiency of employees.
Here is an article to help you motivate your sales force.

Build on training

Learning new skills to your salespeople can motivate the sales people. They can then prospect with more envy, more enthusiasm and … make more sales! This will strengthen the cohesion of your sales force and help you reach new markets … there is no hesitation!


Give public recognition to your sales team

Being recognized as competent has become one of the main levers of motivation. Public recognition helps to motivate your employees who feel valued. Use the Roadoo Network news feed to congratulate your employees!


Challenge your sales team

Salespeople are a very competitive population. They love to play and compete with their colleagues. With the Roadoo Network application, they can take part in challenges, track their ranking in real time and spend the corners they earned on our e-store


Organize activities outside working hours

Organize outings with your employees to have fun together. You can even invite everyone to take their families. This helps to strengthen team cohesion


Celebrate the signings!

Contract signatures are the purpose of a sales team’s work. To motivate salespeople, it is important to celebrate these moments. Be innovative! Put a bell to ring for each new signed deal or choose a music like, for example, “We Are The Champions” from Queen. You can leave the choice of music to the best performer of the month.