3 sales statistics to help you increase your sales

3 sales statistics to help you increase your sales

Making a sale for a commercial is never easy. It is not enough to call and briefly explain the product to convince the prospect. Sometimes it is necessary to re-launch, spend more time by offering them presentations. This is why it is important to train its salesforce and explain the sales process to them. Here are 3 sometimes amazing statistics that will help you better understand the process and increase your sales.


  • The recommendations

A satisfied and loyal customer is only beneficial for you. Indeed, the evidence is there, word-of-mouth is a very good source of promotion. 91% of satisfied customers are willing to recommend a product or service, while only 11% of salesforce think of it. Do not forget to include this phase once the client is conquered! This is an effective way to bring in new customers.


  • Social networks

Social networks are too often forgotten to find prospects, and for good reason, only 5% of salesforce think it is an effective sales method. However, it is noticed that joining a group on LinkedIn increases the chances of making a spontaneous sale of 70%. A study has also shown that salespersons of social selling have a 50% chance of reaching or exceeding their targets.


  • Recovery

Reminding or sending emails to people who have already been contacted before is often scary. There is an apprehension to bore them or to pass for someone who persists. In 2007 it took between 3 and 4 calls to convince a prospect, today, it takes 8. However, 44% of salesmen give up after the first raise.


Before you succeed in a sale, you must know the product and the company, but you also need to understand the customer. Do not hesitate to re-launch, ask for recommendations and use methods other than the phone, such as social networks.