You boost your network of distributors, animate your sales teams or develop your customer base with perfectly adapted to each profile tools.


You keep the absolute and permanent control of your action, you interact immediately! Give the taste of success to your team!


You recognize talents and enhance their performance by rewarding them with trendy gifts and irresistible travel.

“The performance of a company depends on the motivation of their members”

Motivation is not a gift from heaven, it is an energy that creates, develops, grows and spreads. So, when Edgar Grospiron, Olympic Champion, talks about motivation, he would like to tell us that this energy has allowed him to realize his dream. He was not born champion, it took 20 years to complete and today it transmits his experience as one passes the Olympic flame. Roadoo Network is the perfect tool to cultivate and transmit this energy by keeping the link with the people who attend his conferences. A company can never be successful with moderately motivated teams. With EdgarCoach2.0 by Roadoo Network *, you will develop the motivation of your teams to sustainably improve their performance. * Find EdgarCoach2.0 among the 3 Roadoo Network offers.



Individual, team or general ranking…
Everyone knows his position in real time.


News, latest updates…
Tell about your products or your best practices.


Thanks to a customized E-store,
Your members select their gifts freely.

Our clients

Our 3 Offers

You have a community of employees, customers or distributors?
You know that animate them with challenges would boost your business!
3 Roadoo Network offers are designed to allow you to animate, train and challenge your members efficiently and with interactivity.
Your 2.0 Challenge coached by Edgar Grospiron

Audit by Edgar

Motivation Conference

2.0 Challenge co-animated by Edgar

Optional – Integration of sport objectives

Prize-giving ceremony by Edgar

Customized E-store with rewards (gifts & travels)

Personalized training
Certifying formation

Edgar Coach 2.0

Partnership ESG


Personalized Training

Expert speaker

Certified degree


Customer Experience

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Your challenge launched in a few clicks

The creation of a Roadoo Network challenge could be done in less than one hour. So, if you think that the digitalization of your business is a must, please contact with our team.