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  • Create a team dynamism
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Boost your dealers network, motivate your sales teams or boost your customers portfolio  with tools perfectly adapted to each profile.

85% of our customers have seen their objectives exceeded following the implementation of a challenge.

From the creation of the trade action to gifts delivery, we look after all !

Make a challenge which answers your problem and customize the application with your brand image.

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Partner and shareholder Roadoo Network & Olympic Champion, motivational speaker.

« A company performance depends on the motivation of its members »

Motivation is not a gift from heaven, it is an energy that is created, developed, cultivated and transmitted. So when Edgar Grospiron, Olympic Champion, talks about motivation, it is to tell us that this energy enabled him to realize his dream. He was not born champion, it took 20 years to realize and today he transmits his experience as the Olympic Flame is passed on. Roadoo Network is the ideal tool for cultivating and transmitting this energy by keeping the link with people attending its conferences. A company can never perform well with moderately motivated teams. Thanks to EdgarCoach 2.0 by Roadoo Network, you will develop the motivation of your teams to improve their performance. * Find EdgarCoach 2.0 * in the 3 offers of Roadoo Network.

Our clients

18 May 2017

Achieve your goals : beeing SMART

The results of the commercial actions do not appear by magic but by action and work. But we can ensure that this work and these actions are channeled and aligned in the right direction. The […]

18 May 2017

The quality of work life, a crucial factor of motivation

Employees becomes less and less flexible concerning the quality of work life which is now a day considering for half of employees as an essential criterion of motivation. Today, a company loose approximately 4 510 € […]

26 April 2017

The link between wages and motivation

Nothing is truer than the quote :” all work deserve salary”, and no one can deny it, work quality and salary average are linked. The salary is the key point in the relation between employer […]